Auction Ready Photo Gallery

Dockside View 1

Dockside View 1

Boat Ad (click here to see auction full page ad)

The post just below has the link to the actual ad for the auction with her feature page. In the pictures here you can see how nice she cleans up. We have removed a lot of our stuff which is set to ship home shortly, and that really helped show just how big and spacious Vales, Valeo really is. We are looking at Sunday with mixed emotions of our journey coming to an end, hoping someone buying her continues her journey with new adventures we can follow, and of course, we are hopeful our auction will bring a simple clean end to the journey with a good price to help us on our next adventure… coming back home to Los Angeles!

Hope you enjoy these many photos of her ready for show.

One thought on “Auction Ready Photo Gallery

  1. I hope it finds a good home. Even I am a little sorry to see her leave the family, and I never even lived on her. 🙂 Best Wishes and look forward to seeing you home again!

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