A Few More Hours

With very strong mixed emotions we are now a few hours from the auction. Paul made a master folder with nearly 10,000 photos from the trip and has put it on shuffle in the boat. Last night we sat and watched friends, sunsets, goofy faces, family, and so many memories crossing the screen as we called out where the photo was taken and who was in the pictures. A very fun game indeed.

Our adventure is ending and we enter into the turbulent waters of selling her. We hope those that buy her have as much love and adventure as we have with our floating home. Selling your boat with so many memories is a very tough thing to do. All you thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are much appreciated. We will post the outcome later today.

Well, it did not sell at the actual auction. We have several interested buyers, but did not get the bids we needed. Many boats clear after the auction and well… hopefully ours will too. Stay tuned. Multiple options to sort out now, and we will have to be a bit patient to find the right path. It would have been nice to have a tight little package all done, and a happy buyer winning the auction, but as this journey has taught us —┬ábe ready, be flexible, and have redundant solutions to reach your desired course. Stay tuned…

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