We Found the EAC

All you Nemo fans will know what we are talking about. We did not go out to find it, in fact it is supposed to be somewhat narrow and hard to find. Anyway, we found it but going the wrong way… we are heading north to the Whitsunday islands now and for more that 15 hours we were stuck doing about 4.2knots with sails up and engine running. Move out, move in, move here, move there, we had the wind behind us pushing and that was the best we could do. Then, we passed Fraser Island and headed NW to shore and suddenly we jumped 2+ knots in speed. It was like we broke free from the jello. YEA! Tonight we are in a very wonderful quiet anchorage on a river called Pancake River. Suzi says we get pancakes tomorrow morning before heading north again!! YEA!!

We are about 250 KM from Whitsunday. Might take 2 days for 5 days as there are a lot of potential stops on the way. We will just have to see what we see. Isn’t that what this is all about?

2 thoughts on “We Found the EAC

    • Many small pancakes just the right size for handheld dipping. We have some maple syrup still (maybe from Panama). All other flavors have been long gone. We were out of fresh blue berries, but some banana was added into the pancake batter. So yummmm! Suzi had to make these from scratch with no mix, only flour so they are heavier and best small. Paul thinks these are the best kind, but others on board like bigger fluffier pancakes. The whole breakfast and name of the creek created quite a pancake conversation. All pancakes made were consumed long before the debate of perfect pancakes was completed. 🙂

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