NZ Friends & Back to Brisbane

The last week of our tour of NZ was spent from Auckland continuing North. We visited Auckland, Snells Beach, Whangarei, and Bay of Islands. Those are the beautiful places, but the highlights were the beautiful faces! In 7 days we were able to have great visits with 5 cruising families that we have meet along our journey. These were all very special visits with lots of time to talk about our journeys and for the kids to go nuts and have fun. Here are the wonderful cruising folks who have been sitting out the cyclone season in NZ that made the last part of our NZ tour so much fun!

Anthem: Jack and Jan.

Field Trip: Mark, Sarah, Elizabeth, Michael

Fluenta: Max, Liz, Victoria, Jonathan, Benjamin

Exodus: Tim, Deanne, Alex, Brenden

Evenstar: BJ, Kathy, Will, Danielle

The Tour also included highlights of Auckland like the tower, Maritime Museum, and Cathedral. We did one day dive trip to one of Cousteau’s top 10 dive locations in the world: Poor Knights. It was filled with many different types of colorful life and 4 different types of eels. The diving was very good with over 60 feet of visibility, but Paul did not have his GoPro for this trip so no pictures from below. Sorry about that. We also hiked several nature preserves and visited the Treaty Grounds where the Maori signed the treaty with England to establish NZ and the relationship with England.

We all came back from NZ excited and a bit sad to not have more time to spend with all these great families. As amazing as the trip is seeing the end is tougher when we know all these wonderful folks are going to still be going. Thank you all for the great visits!

Then we landed back in Brisbane and our fun neighbors from Sweden were still on the dock to greet us! Carsten and Imbi left a few days later and we caught up with them over Easter at Morton Island, but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

More soon including shipping personal items back home, to meeting with boat broker, to aid package for Vanuatu sent via P&O cruise lines (great job guys!), to donations to Carindale Library, to finally leaving Rivergate to head to Whitsunday Islands… Stay Tuned!

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