In Whitsunday Island

We have been enjoying sailing through many of the islands in this region. They are everywhere, and you need to stay on top of things at the wheel. Currents are strong, winds have been gusty not steady, and tides play a major roll in how fast or even if you can get to where you want to go. This might be a bit like Seattle but oh so much warmer!

We did stop for 3 days of luxury at Hamilton Island marina and hit the resort pool each day. We tried to get a dive boat out to the outer reef but the weather has been too windy and choppy and the boats keep canceling their run out there. We will soon be at the most talked about location for diving in the area, Blue Pearl. That is supposed to be incredible and the visibility is very good right now. Attempts have been made for snorkeling at several islands in reefs noted for excellence but visibility has been very poor, so hopefully the Blue Pearl will make up for that.

The last few nights we have been anchored in a stunning cove of Whitsunday Island with only 3 other boats around. The water is calm. Turtles are floating around. The trees are lush green, kind of remind us of Nuka Hiva, and there are loud birds singing and some that sound like monkeys? Could there be actual monkeys on this island? The dingy engine just threw a fit and so we are going back to Hamilton (darn) for more resort marina time to get it fixed at the shop there. Not sure why it is acting up as we just had it serviced, new prop, etc, but hopefully it will be up and going and we can quickly get to that elusive Pearl  dive location. (Side note: engine was serviced, and got it running. We will be testing it out today: 4/24 at our anchorage on Hook Island).

In true cruising fashion we have also been doing wood work sanding and oiling the wood. After all the definition of cruising is fixing your boat in fun and exotic locations. 🙂 Kids are almost done with the second to last lessons for their school, and the end of home schooling is now in sight. We have lost two lures but not brought on any fish. Ugh!.

Regarding Vanuatu, we have heard from some of the businesses there, and they say now a month later after the big cyclone they now are up and running but need tourist to come. The dive sites Paul dove all are still untouched and great according to news. Also the volcano in Tanna is still open for visits, and the road across Tanna is functioning again.

Paul also was just informed he has the feature article in Cruising Outpost for June on Niue! That is two in a row! Be sure to pick up a copy on June 3rd!

These islands are so wonderful. We wish we had more time, but at least we have another week or so to enjoy the region before our long run back to Brisbane.

6 thoughts on “In Whitsunday Island

  1. sorry I posted on the sample page. your having far to much fun. old email wiped out. new email hows that map table holding up? given notice at king harbor and will be in transit june but will be back on jobs as business hit the roof. im a granddaddy now. a boy. townsend ebel sterling-wolfe. shes the wolf. take care my heros.

    • Dennis! Congradulations! You better not move away as soon as we fly back! We land on June 1. Yep the table is doing great, and so is the amazing inclused cockpit we spend so much time in. We all can’t wait to see you again, and again congradulations on a grandkid. Now spoil the crap out of him!

  2. Hi Kortenkamps.
    Glad to see you guys are enjoying yourselves as usual.
    Just wanted to say Hi from the Rivergate team and tell you what a delight it was having you stay with us.
    The girls are a credit to you and we already miss the Brownies and cup cakes around the office.
    We will all follow your travels with interest and stay in touch.
    Regards and best wishes.
    Jason and the Rivergate team.

    • Jason and Rivergate Team, we hope you got the email reply, but for the record we all miss you guys also. We are now just a bit South in the Gold Coast getting ready for the big boat show and we are having Vales, Valeo in the big marine auction as we end our trip with hopefully a good sale (kinda weird to write sale and not sail). We hope to get a chance to stop by and visit before our flight home on June 1 from Brisbane.

  3. Cherished Paul, Suzi, Sonia and Anna!

    Are you still in Whitsunday??? Did you do the Ngaro Sea Trail Great Walk?
    Cruising Outpost is lucky to have YOU, Paul writing these articles. I see an entire
    National Geographic and/or Discovery Channel special just on your family and this extraordinary adventure you’ve been experiencing for the past… NO WAYYYYY you’ve been gone a year and eight months??!!!!! So time has never been my forte, but ohmygoodnesssss I’m starting the countdown until you land back in the USSA and sunny LA.

    With Much Love (and lots of chocolate too) awaiting your arrival,


    • We are now in the Gold Coast but we did very much enjoy the Ngaro Sea Trail. It was so cool seeing the cave paintings, and listening to the recorded interviews from the people of the area. We are definitely going to miss places and the people from this journey. Hard to believe it is coming to an end. We will all look forward to seeing you soon, and sharing so many stories.

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