All Pictures, commentary to come soon

You all wanted to see the latest photos and we are so busy catching up so… here are more photos!!! Enjoy while we write up what you are looking at.

One thought on “All Pictures, commentary to come soon

  1. Happy belated birthday! Your trip looks amazing and looks like just what we want to do, so we would love to talk to you about it! We want to do lots of LOTR stuff along with seeing the other sights. We are trying to figure out the best transportation method. Suggestions? I was thinking car rental but am having problems making reservations to take the car between the 2 islands. How are you getting around? We will be there 4 weeks total, where have you been staying, and did you plan ahead of time, or just figured it out once you were there? We sure love following your story!
    Love, Wendy and family

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