Vales Valeo sale pictures


If you are an interested buyer you can request the marine survey we had done as she was prepared for the ocean crossing. Auction Marine has this information and can provide it.
The cockpit is the main room we spent our time in during our journey. There are many photos of gauges, helm, stepdown transformer, hard auto glass windshield, hard top (is made from “Hard-to-Top” which allows light in during the day ), winches, lines run to cockpit enclosure with both UV screens and clear plastic. Photos of these on sides and rear are provided. Cushions fold up to allow in and out access without stepping on them.

Additional spare parts are very extensive, and much of this is also included in the survey. The list that follows is just some of what comes to mind: Pumps (bilge, water, engine, macerator, etc.), propellers, gaskets, impellers, belts, filters, hoses, fuses, rolls of wire, propane tanks (4), lines, blocks, anchor chain, anchor rode, radios, gps, harnesses, life jackets, and safety gear everywhere….

New to the boat in the last 6 months: new step down transformer for AU to USA power, new Magnum Charger inverter/charger, Force 10 stove/oven, and new davits.

She is ready to go back to Whitsunday, down to Sydney or out on another adventure with only more fuel, topping off water, and adding food. She will be for sale in AU only a short time longer or she will be shipped back to the USA. If you want this wonderful cruising liveaboard we are interested in selling her here in AU, and we have paid the AU GST importation fees to accomplish this. Marine Auctions is ready to answer any questions and help. Their number and contact info is in many of the photos above.

We have only one request — that the buying party give us first right of refusal to buy her back after when they wish to sell her. Thank you for your interest.

A Few More Hours

With very strong mixed emotions we are now a few hours from the auction. Paul made a master folder with nearly 10,000 photos from the trip and has put it on shuffle in the boat. Last night we sat and watched friends, sunsets, goofy faces, family, and so many memories crossing the screen as we called out where the photo was taken and who was in the pictures. A very fun game indeed.

Our adventure is ending and we enter into the turbulent waters of selling her. We hope those that buy her have as much love and adventure as we have with our floating home. Selling your boat with so many memories is a very tough thing to do. All you thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are much appreciated. We will post the outcome later today.

Well, it did not sell at the actual auction. We have several interested buyers, but did not get the bids we needed. Many boats clear after the auction and well… hopefully ours will too. Stay tuned. Multiple options to sort out now, and we will have to be a bit patient to find the right path. It would have been nice to have a tight little package all done, and a happy buyer winning the auction, but as this journey has taught us — be ready, be flexible, and have redundant solutions to reach your desired course. Stay tuned…

Auction Ready Photo Gallery

Dockside View 1

Dockside View 1

Boat Ad (click here to see auction full page ad)

The post just below has the link to the actual ad for the auction with her feature page. In the pictures here you can see how nice she cleans up. We have removed a lot of our stuff which is set to ship home shortly, and that really helped show just how big and spacious Vales, Valeo really is. We are looking at Sunday with mixed emotions of our journey coming to an end, hoping someone buying her continues her journey with new adventures we can follow, and of course, we are hopeful our auction will bring a simple clean end to the journey with a good price to help us on our next adventure… coming back home to Los Angeles!

Hope you enjoy these many photos of her ready for show.

Getting Ready for Sale (not sail)

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Well, it is coming to an end. We had a fantastic time in the Whitsunday Islands. With the exception of one long rough night trying to get into Mackay Harbor we had a very smooth and fast trip South. In Mackay we had just fantastic help from the yard there. Rod on the bilge pump replacements, and Ashley dialing in the auto pilot to working perfectly. Both maintenance bits were knocked out in the same day, and we were able to grab the calm weather window to press on South.

We took the interior passage of the Sandy Straight down, and got to enjoy the wonderful views of Fraser Island from the other side in calm flat water. We did one new first though as we looked to anchor in shallow calm Pelican Bay… we got stuck on the mud at low tide. No issue, we waited about an hour and them started floating again. It was weird and we were in the marked channel only about 40 feet from where we had just crossed. Well, everyone said that eventually you hit bottom, so we got that one checked off on soft mud just before we finished out trip. Once we were floating again we moved for deeper water for the anchorage and a good night rest. The next day we went out the “Mad Mile” of the Sandy Straight which was mild because of the calm weather, but still had standing waves and messy water the whole way. Must get totally crazy if the weather is rough?

We even met some more new friends on Aleris (Alex and Iris) in Mooloolaba and got to visit with Carsten and Imbi again (our neighbors at Rivergate from Sweden). One of the best parts of this journey is having such fun and interesting people to meet and get to share drinks and meals with. We had two very special evenings in Mooloolaba with these new friends.

Next we took the main channel down to the Gold Coast. That involved shallows with only a foot or two of clearance, and a set of power lines that on the chart were the exact height of our mast. We got some help from another sailboat about how to get more clearance by sailing close to the power tower where the lines are 12 feet higher, but the water is a bit shallower. In all, it was a pretty, calm and enjoyable passage. The slip in Runaway gave us two feet total clearance to turn into. It was magic how the whole family guided the boat in under such crazy tight space.

Now we are in RunAway, with many other boats around us that will also be in the big marine auction coming up.  It is part of the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show which is the biggest boat show in the South Pacific. We are hoping to have many folks come and see Vales, Valeo, and hope that she gets a good price because whoever buys her is getting a boat with so much fun and love still to offer. We are busy getting her ready for show, and will put up the photos to prove it in the next day or so. This is a tough process, and it sure would be more fun to be still out with more sailing to do, but the trip has always been one way. Please wish us luck that we get a good price for her, and the new owners continue her adventure with as much fun.

In Whitsunday Island

We have been enjoying sailing through many of the islands in this region. They are everywhere, and you need to stay on top of things at the wheel. Currents are strong, winds have been gusty not steady, and tides play a major roll in how fast or even if you can get to where you want to go. This might be a bit like Seattle but oh so much warmer!

We did stop for 3 days of luxury at Hamilton Island marina and hit the resort pool each day. We tried to get a dive boat out to the outer reef but the weather has been too windy and choppy and the boats keep canceling their run out there. We will soon be at the most talked about location for diving in the area, Blue Pearl. That is supposed to be incredible and the visibility is very good right now. Attempts have been made for snorkeling at several islands in reefs noted for excellence but visibility has been very poor, so hopefully the Blue Pearl will make up for that.

The last few nights we have been anchored in a stunning cove of Whitsunday Island with only 3 other boats around. The water is calm. Turtles are floating around. The trees are lush green, kind of remind us of Nuka Hiva, and there are loud birds singing and some that sound like monkeys? Could there be actual monkeys on this island? The dingy engine just threw a fit and so we are going back to Hamilton (darn) for more resort marina time to get it fixed at the shop there. Not sure why it is acting up as we just had it serviced, new prop, etc, but hopefully it will be up and going and we can quickly get to that elusive Pearl  dive location. (Side note: engine was serviced, and got it running. We will be testing it out today: 4/24 at our anchorage on Hook Island).

In true cruising fashion we have also been doing wood work sanding and oiling the wood. After all the definition of cruising is fixing your boat in fun and exotic locations. 🙂 Kids are almost done with the second to last lessons for their school, and the end of home schooling is now in sight. We have lost two lures but not brought on any fish. Ugh!.

Regarding Vanuatu, we have heard from some of the businesses there, and they say now a month later after the big cyclone they now are up and running but need tourist to come. The dive sites Paul dove all are still untouched and great according to news. Also the volcano in Tanna is still open for visits, and the road across Tanna is functioning again.

Paul also was just informed he has the feature article in Cruising Outpost for June on Niue! That is two in a row! Be sure to pick up a copy on June 3rd!

These islands are so wonderful. We wish we had more time, but at least we have another week or so to enjoy the region before our long run back to Brisbane.

We Found the EAC

All you Nemo fans will know what we are talking about. We did not go out to find it, in fact it is supposed to be somewhat narrow and hard to find. Anyway, we found it but going the wrong way… we are heading north to the Whitsunday islands now and for more that 15 hours we were stuck doing about 4.2knots with sails up and engine running. Move out, move in, move here, move there, we had the wind behind us pushing and that was the best we could do. Then, we passed Fraser Island and headed NW to shore and suddenly we jumped 2+ knots in speed. It was like we broke free from the jello. YEA! Tonight we are in a very wonderful quiet anchorage on a river called Pancake River. Suzi says we get pancakes tomorrow morning before heading north again!! YEA!!

We are about 250 KM from Whitsunday. Might take 2 days for 5 days as there are a lot of potential stops on the way. We will just have to see what we see. Isn’t that what this is all about?

NZ Friends & Back to Brisbane

The last week of our tour of NZ was spent from Auckland continuing North. We visited Auckland, Snells Beach, Whangarei, and Bay of Islands. Those are the beautiful places, but the highlights were the beautiful faces! In 7 days we were able to have great visits with 5 cruising families that we have meet along our journey. These were all very special visits with lots of time to talk about our journeys and for the kids to go nuts and have fun. Here are the wonderful cruising folks who have been sitting out the cyclone season in NZ that made the last part of our NZ tour so much fun!

Anthem: Jack and Jan.

Field Trip: Mark, Sarah, Elizabeth, Michael

Fluenta: Max, Liz, Victoria, Jonathan, Benjamin

Exodus: Tim, Deanne, Alex, Brenden

Evenstar: BJ, Kathy, Will, Danielle

The Tour also included highlights of Auckland like the tower, Maritime Museum, and Cathedral. We did one day dive trip to one of Cousteau’s top 10 dive locations in the world: Poor Knights. It was filled with many different types of colorful life and 4 different types of eels. The diving was very good with over 60 feet of visibility, but Paul did not have his GoPro for this trip so no pictures from below. Sorry about that. We also hiked several nature preserves and visited the Treaty Grounds where the Maori signed the treaty with England to establish NZ and the relationship with England.

We all came back from NZ excited and a bit sad to not have more time to spend with all these great families. As amazing as the trip is seeing the end is tougher when we know all these wonderful folks are going to still be going. Thank you all for the great visits!

Then we landed back in Brisbane and our fun neighbors from Sweden were still on the dock to greet us! Carsten and Imbi left a few days later and we caught up with them over Easter at Morton Island, but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

More soon including shipping personal items back home, to meeting with boat broker, to aid package for Vanuatu sent via P&O cruise lines (great job guys!), to donations to Carindale Library, to finally leaving Rivergate to head to Whitsunday Islands… Stay Tuned!

All Pictures, commentary to come soon

You all wanted to see the latest photos and we are so busy catching up so… here are more photos!!! Enjoy while we write up what you are looking at.

Good Bye To South Island!

So many photos it has slowed down our posting, but here is the second half of the South Island. We are now back in Brisbane after a wonderful tour highlighted by many of the photos posted here. As wonderful as the views and country of NZ was to tour, the trip ended on a highlight visiting many friends we had made on the way. There will be a new post of the many cruisers we got to catch up with coming soon. These friends and families were all staying at the very top of NZ from Auckland north, and so our trip ended with days of wonderful visits! Enough words, here are the next installment of photos!!!